Althouse Dubai Investment Consulting's List of Experience

     ALTHOUSE DUBAI INVESTMENT CONSULTING's team management experience distributed the following way:

  • Althouse Dubai Investment Consulting's List of Experiencemore than 18 years of a complex facilities management;
  • 9 years of purchases, companies' sales, reorganization conducting;
  • 17 years of financial management (holding/concern types);
  • 14 years of revision activities and economic activities analysis;
  • 17 years of strategic marketing management;
  • 15 years of sale management;
  • 16 years of stocks management, vehicle, car rental services and warehouse logistics;
  • 13 years of personnel management;
  • 7 years of advertising campaign.

     The whole experience was gained on FMCG and b2b markets in the US, EU, Russia, and China. We are effective, respectful, and successful in the working process. We value the importance of our clients, regardless of their origin. We have a lot of experience in the different consult spheres, thus we can provide a complex consult services.