Althouse Dubai Group's Consulting Branch

     ALTHOUSE DUBAI INVESTMENT CONSULTING is an independent investment consulting company provides the whole range of consult services in financial, taxes, and legal fields to various companies as well as direct investments funds. Our group includes ALTHOUSE DUBAI CONSULTING, ALTHOUSE DUBAI CAPITAL, ALTHOUSE DUBAI AUDIT, and ALTHOUSE DUBAI BUSINESS SECRETARY.

     Althouse Dubai Group's Consulting BranchWe are autonomous consult company, part of the ALTHOUSE DUBAI GROUP, providing:

  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A) corporate deals escort;
  • performing a proper pre-investment expertise in a complex way (financial, taxing, legal) as well as in a certain limited way;
  • conducting a corporate and financial intelligence services;
  • evaluation of business and assets perspective (material or inmaterial);
  • accounting according to DAFRD (Dubai Accounting Financial Reserve Department);
  • taxing and legal consulting services.

Our Partner Companies:

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