What is the best way to prepare for your PMP certification exam?

The benefits of becoming a certified project management professional (PMP) are obvious. As a widely accepted and globally recognized certificate, it is valued by many industries here in Dubai. It increases your professionalism by showcasing your knowledge and achievements. The end result is that customers and organizations are more confident about your work.

Once you are eligible to appear for the exam and have paid the fees, you will be notified of the examination date according to the availability of a seat and center near you. Ideally, you should start preparing 2 to 3 months before.

There are three different ways that you can study for the PMP certification. The advantages and disadvantages of each are discussed below.

  1. Classroom Training

    Best PMP training in DubaiClassrooms offer the best PMP training in Dubai. They increase your chances of success to a greater extent. Ideally, you should attend these training sessions at least four times a week, if not more. However, before registering for any course, make sure that the staff, as well as the institute, has excellent reviews. Research about the syllabus and study materials that are provided. A combination of all these resources is vital for a favorable outcome. Also note their rate of success. Classroom training tends to be expensive but it is considerably the best way of preparing for the exam. At the end of the day, a good sum of money will be invested for your success.

    Classroom training holds its own place, but more and more people are shifting towards online options. Candidates are able to access courses from anywhere as long as there is a good internet connection. This is especially beneficial to those who are working fulltime and are preparing for the exam by sparing their personal leisure time.

  2. Self-learning Training

    This can simply be referred to as online training. Out of all the options, self-learning is the cheapest and most flexible. This is great for people who are self-paced planners and can stick to a schedule. It requires a fair amount of self-motivation and self-discipline. Just remember to research various online courses before selecting and enrolling in one.

  3. Instructor-led Training

    Eatimad Training CenterThis is also referred to as instructor-led online training. It is recommended for those who need a little guidance and push in the right direction. The plus side is that you are able to adhere to a defined training schedule with some flexibility. This mode is somewhat more expensive than self-training but cheaper than classroom ones.

    If you decide to go for the instructor-led option, make sure to choose a teacher that is competent, experienced, and well-known. Beware of online scammers. Class schedules are posted weeks in advance so that candidates can plan work and commitments around them. To maintain the quality of the session, generally not more than 20 students are allowed in the live training sessions. Students are able to interact and ask the instructor questions, whereby they are answered promptly. This mode is very similar to classroom training, the only difference is that it is a virtual one.