Interesting facts about Poland’s economy

Poland might be just another member of the European Union but it holds a great importance in terms of economic stability and tourist interests. The country is also known to be a survivor when it was the only land among the other European countries that did not lose financial stability in the crises. The recession-era was difficult for nations all around the world but Poland was one of the luckiest countries that stood high with the help of its investors and progressive approach.

Poland’s economy is an example for other countries that strive to become the perfect destination for tourists, investors, and businessmen alike. It is known to be one of the safest and feasible places to reside in, work, or travel to for business purposes. Here is presenting to you some of the unknown yet interesting facts about Poland’s economy that are convincing enough to apply for a residency permit.

Poland educational level

  1. Poland’s educational level is at its highest over the years. The country holds 10th rank in the world as the best education providers and 5th in the whole of Europe.
  2. Polish people greatly support the idea of technology as they have some of the best programming developers. They have won most of the competitions held by the popular group of technologists such as Facebook and Google etc.
  3. The startups in Poland are very appreciated, encouraged, and recognized worldwide. They are known for gaining immense attention from investors and business representatives. Some of the great startup names include Brainly, Tylko, and Atsora.
  4. European is set to become the leading European country in mobile retail by the end of the year 2018.
  5. While the other European countries’ economy progress with 16% each year, Poland witnesses a massive growth of 25%.
  6. Poland has never experienced a negative economic value over the past few years which makes it a suitable choice to reside in and work with tremendous improvement.

Benefits of acquiring Poland residency permit

Poland residency permitPoland is one of the best countries to apply for immigration due to its key location. The whole of the EU’s trade passes through Poland which allows traders and investors to make it their second home. This is why a large number of people are applying for the citizenship by investment via professional service providers. Some of the advantages of securing Poland residency permit include:

  • It takes a maximum of 3-4 months to acquire the Poland residency permit, unlike the other countries that take years to reach the final stage.
  • A temporary residence card is also issued to the foreigners who wish to legally live, work, travel in the country without the need for approval and visa etc.
  • A permanent residency card is permitted to the immigrants who can legally access the country, establish a business, or permanently stay.
  • The investors are granted a residence permit who benefit the state’s economy by any legal means.
  • Polish citizens who obtain a residency permit are given citizenship status for being a productive member of the country.