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Akbar Dubai Consulting Group is the consulting company, providing the wide range of services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our history has more than 20 years. The main company's specialization is investment consulting, and we have a lot of experience in it as well as in strategic marketing, company's buying and selling, and business reorganization for large holding structures.

We provide consulting services in personnel management sphere, vehicle and warehouses logistic, revision activities and economic activities analysis. We have been operating not only within UAE, but in the US, EU, Russia, and China as well.

Our experience coupled with our employees' professionalism let Akbar Dubai Consulting Group become the leading investment consulting company in Dubai.

Our services

Working with us you can:

  • design a business plan by Panaly;
  • design a business model;
  • perform a marketing research;
  • consult for business conducting;
  • feasibility study
  • design business holding structure;
  • analyze an assets and business projects' risks to protect your interest from certain corporate structures.

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Our Clients

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