Althouse Dubai Investment Consulting's Services

     Transaction support

  • subject to invest's express analysis (financial, taxing, legal);
  • complete pre-investment research (financial, taxing, legal);
  • financial model, investment memorandum, business assessment;
  • pre-investment research conduction for a seller, so-called vendor due diligence (financial, taxing, legal).

     Corporative finances

  • potential investors attraction;
  • representation of buyer/seller interests during the deal.

     Accounting and record

  • corporate accounting;
  • business process outsourcing.


  • tax authorities interaction;
  • mergers and acquisitions deals taxation.


  • mergers and acquisitions deals transaction;
  • corporative restructuring;
  • corporative management.

     Assessment and financial modeling

Our financial modeling services are provided to our clients in affiliation with our partner company named as Abdulrahman Alnuaimi Auditing of Accounts renowned as the best accounting firm in Dubai  All services are provided as per legal laws and requirements. 

  • assets/business assessment for mergers and acquisitions deals conducting;
  • assets assessment for DFRS's (Dubai Federal Reserve System) reporting preparation and test assets devaluation testing.


  • accounting (financial) reporting audit, according to ASAD (Arab Socail Accounting Department).

     Special projects

  • corporate intelligence;
  • financial intelligence;
  • market analysis.

      Used Cars Service

  • serving more than 100+ areas in UAE.
  • selling and buying cars
  • 2000+ car's fleet

Althouse Dubai Investment Consulting's Services