Property and Construction Consultancy Services

Chartered surveyor is the professional member of RICS entitled with the designation of Chartered Building Surveyor or Chartered Quantity Surveyor. These are the highly experienced and trained professionals dealing in property related tasks. They offer expert consultancy advice on various properties and construction-related environmental issues and provide diverse services. The chartered surveyors Dubai works in the field of building and property consultancy. They are responsible for property valuation and look for structural defects of a building. The representative body or the body that governs chartered surveyors is Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Quantity Surveyor

QS or Quantity surveyors are the professionals working in the construction industry who are mainly concerned with construction costs and contracts. Some people said that quantity surveyors estimate the quantity of construction material but if we see in the real world, they perform other functions as well such as cost and financial management of project, project related documentation, advice on procurement routes and decide on construction related contracts. The main aim of a quantity surveyor is to reduce the total cost and ensure the value of money for each item produced for completing the project.

Duties and Responsibility of Quantity Surveyor

Chartered surveyors Dubai

  • A quantity surveyor is supposed to prepare all the construction related documents and tender with the architect or client
  • He has to prepare cost analysis for repair and maintenance of a project
  • He identifies, analyzes and develop responses towards commercial risks
  • He provides advice on contractual claims
  • He will aware you about different building contracts in current use
  • He undertakes the feasibility study of the project and assists you in establishing the requirements
  • He will perform cost control, risk and value management
  • He also offers advice on property taxation
  • He will assist you in locating alternative sources of funding
  • He will provide you with facilities management services and life cycle costing advice for the project
  • He will allocate work to subcontractors and analyze the outcomes and write a detailed progress report on your project.

Quantity surveying services

Following are the various quantity surveying services that you need in a construction project such as the construction of buildings, roads, and infrastructure. These services include pre and post contract services.

D&A Consult

  • Cost and budget estimation
  • Cash flow management
  • Tender administration
  • Tender documents and bills preparation
  • Cost modeling
  • Bid review analysis
  • Civil and MEP cost management
  • Project cost management
  • Interim payment verification and review
  • Documentation and advice procurement
  • Account management support
  • Bid negotiation and awards
  • Efficiency study and benchmarking