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Branch office in UAEImpressive economic advancement and rapid growth have culminated in Dubai rising to the top in the list of the most sought-after metropolitan cities in the world.

Today, the city is not just coveted across the world for iconic traits like luxury and a high standard of living, but also for living and working, and or many foreigners, opening a business.

The two widely known and discussed avenues of setting up a business in the country are free zone companies and limited liability companies.

Each has a unique basket of pros and cons, with the main difference in features being that the former is mostly used for manufacturing and processing activity, and located away from the main city limits, while the latter is popular for a retail business that wants to sell products and services to the UAE locals.

Branch Office In UAE

Another possible option of providing services in the country is setting up a branch office. Just like free zone companies, this arrangement also has the unique advantage of being able to retain full ownership as a foreigner.

The use of a branch office in Dubai has a number of features including having the ability to carry out commercial trade and generate profit. In terms of its core nature, a branch office is typically an arm of a foreign company.

This means it also has the obligation of obtaining a trade license similar to the one its parent venture has secured.

Key Requirements

Key requirementsAs with limited liability companies, one of the most important steps in setting up a business in Dubai is appointing a local stakeholder, as per the law.

In the case of establishing branch offices, the best pro services in Dubai can make this process a lot faster and more efficient, and even help with getting the company registered.

Local Agent Duties

The local agent you appoint for your business has the job of securing a name for it at the Department of Economic Development.

Then an application will be made to the Ministry of Economy, in relation to setting up a branch office.

This person will have to be armed with several documents, of which the following are some of the more important ones:

  • Registration and License Application
  • Business Name Paperwork
  • Letter of no-objection from a parent entity
  • Local representative’s proof of nationality
  • Articles of Association of the parent entity
  • Parent entity’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • Government approval for the commercial activity in question.