All about Rubber!

The world we’re living in uses many different materials. Everything is made out of natural or artificial materials for sure. Rubber is one such important material that is used to make tones of things around the world. Rubber has many kinds all of which can be dealt with from Development Generation General Trading. This company trades in the best quality of rubber and is used to help your products have the best quality.

When we talk about rubber, we don’t mention any specific type. However, generally, not many people know that rubber has many types. The types fall into two broad categories

  • Natural Rubber
  • This is made from a milky, runny white liquid called latex. This is obtained from certain plants when you cut them. Including dandelions, there are over 200 plants in the world that are used to obtain latex. Over 99% of the world’s rubber is made from a tree called the rubber tree. Rubber is made from molecules that are chains. These chains can be pulled apart and untangled easily however they come back into place when released. This causes rubber to have elasticity.
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Synthetic Rubbers are made using petrochemicals. They use a variety of different types of chemicals that make their nature rubbery.
  • There are over 20 different types of synthetic rubbers used today including acrylic, silicone and butyl rubber.

The use of rubber goes back to 200,000 years. Yes that long ago! Usually this substance was derived from the rubber tree. People would make balls, and use it to waterproof their houses and other things. As time passed, the use of rubber increased and used in most things. The world could not keep up with the little amount of rubber that is produced naturally this is when the world switched to synthetic rubber. Every year, approximately 4 million tons of natural rubber is produced and more than 50,000 different products manufactured which utilized7 million tons of synthetic around the world.

Today, rubber is widely used around the world due to its never ending properties like water resistant, heat resistance, elasticity, strength and more. A large percentage of rubber goes to the automotive companies to produce material like tires- one of the most important materials of mankind. The softness and non slippery material allows it to be used for shoes, playground equipment, mats, healthcare supplies, toys and uncountable rubber products. Rubber comes in a large variety of colors, textures, shapes and styles. Rubber is also used for non slippery flooring like at a gym where people work out, at a dance studio where people dance, or by a swimming pool where there is chance of people slipping and that needs to avoid.

Rubber is usually burnt to dispose it off, however with the emerging technology, people are working on recycling rubber so that it may be reused for different products and the planet doesn’t face a lot of loss since rubber is needed in almost everything.